Video Camera

Vidibiz own a full range of industry leading equipment to ensure that the best image is obtained when it is needed, cameras, tripods, lights, cranes and tracking dollies are all part of the kit.

Our HD Digital Video cameras include: Sony HVR Z1E with a backup Sony HVR A1E, a panasonic NV-GS500 is used for static “backup / cutaway” shots

Our DSLR Photography cameras include Nikon D70 and the Canon  G12 as our backup

In addition to the high i quality sound captured by our cameras we have Fostex onsite / location Audio recording equipment – FR-2LE Field Memory Recorder and the Fostex MR-8 HD/CD with a small Edirl R-09 Digital Recorder, when used with our 12 channel Mackie sound mixing desk we can provide adequate facilities to record all audio at any event.

We have a Sennheiser K6 Microphone and Rode NTG2 Rifle Mic. In addition we have sennheiser and Sony wireless radio mic systems.

Backed up with a shed full of Lighting towers and equipment, over 50 metres of Dolly track for our cameras, A crane for high level camera work, various camera tripods for high and low level work.

Yards and yards or cables, wires, leads, boom poles, blimps, radios etc. etc. etc. ………………………. If we don’t own it we can either borrow or hire it as necessary!!!

Our in house video editing is done using Avid Studio, Pinnacle, Adobe Premiere or Sony Movie Studio we use the Adobe CS3 Creative Studio package for all other digital editing.

Sound is edited using Adoble Audition 3

Camera Kit includes

Video     Camera 1     Sony HVR Z1
Camera 2     Sony HVR A1
Camera 4     Panansonic  NV-GS500

Still     Camera A     Nikon D60
Camera B     Canon Powershot G12

Audio     Field     Fostex Portable Field Recorder FR2-LE
Studio     Fostex 8 Track MR-8HD/CD with CD-RW
Backup     Edirol R-o9
Mixer     Phonic MM1002 – 2 Track Mixer
Mixer     Mackie 1202-VLZ Mic/Line Mixer

Microphone     Rode NTG-2 Shotgun XLR (c/w Boom)
Microphone     Sennheiser MK6 Shotgun XLR  (c/w Boom)
Microphone     Sennheiser MKE 300
Microphone     Sennheiser EW 100 G2 Radio Mic – Levalier
Microphone     Sony UTX-B1 Radio Mic – Lavalier
Mic/Instrument     Sennheiser Freeport

Access            Tripod Tracking Dolly (10m +)
Tripod Dolly
4m Multi Jib with Remote Pan & Tilt Power Head
TFT LCD Monitors
Various Manfrotto tripods

Lighting     Various     300W, 500W, 800W,  1000W
Soft Boxes
Lighting Stands & Brackets

Editing Platform     PC     Avid Studio
PC     Premiere Pro CS3
PC     Sony Vegas Movie Studio
PC     Adobe On-Location

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