Crafty Matters

A Collaboration of Creative Artists

Crafty Matters” is the trading name for a unique and an innovative “self help” initiative established with the aim of assisting, promoting and encouraging new business and startups in the “Creative Sector” – that is for Artists, Sculptors and Craft people (Crafters)/ (CM Team member)

Crafty Matters is not currently funded by any partner or supported by any local, regional or national authorities. This is not to exclude the possibility of actively exploring funding opportunities if presented or available in the future.

Crafty Matters will aim to present marketing opportunities to new and emerging Artists and Crafters (The CM Team) who are seeking to establish themselves and build a business in the art world by developing their “creative passion”.

As this is a very wide and difficult area to define, in this context and for our purposes we categorise Artists and Crafters as
• artists / crafters who work in paint and oils, textiles, ceramics, metals, stone & others (Tangible),
• photographic, video (Digital/Virtual),
• piano and other musical instruments including the voice (Audio).

The motivation and mission statement of “Crafty Matters” is to provide support, mentoring, advice and opportunity to encourage creative entrepreneurs, new and emerging talent wishing to go into business by selling their craft.

The first step for a budding entrepreneur is to post their work to the “Crafty Matters” “Wall”. Our “wall” is situated in various areas readily visible to the public and is an opportunity for new creative entrepreneurs to get onto the first rung of the business ladder and to test their potential in the ‘real world’ – the marketplace. It is not an available low cost route for established artists/crafters.

Funding and financial resources are not part of the basic offering from “Crafty Matters”. At this stage, we work together with all in the CM Team to support, encourage, promote and develop a commercial proposition for the novice crafter if viable. Where possible, “Crafty Matters” management will advise and inform the novice entrepreneur of potential sources of funding, or refer the novice to sources better informed and equipped in this area of expertise.

The management of “Crafty Matters” will not normally, directly or indirectly, fund any activity.

We use established community and business contacts, networks, resources, knowledge, skills and abilities to help new Crafters start and grow their own business. We access digital media, various web sites and social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn, audio such as radio, as well as print media and other more conventional methods of advertising to promote initiatives at no cost to the CM Team Member.

The primary objective of “Crafty Matters” management is commercial, to make money. The management of “Crafty Matters” have developed this enterprise as a profit venture and will be seeking “open book” collaborative opportunities when appropriate with members of the CM Team.

The end goal for the CM Team is to develop the business potential of new talent in the art world, so that novice Crafters can move on to the next step of establishing and developing their own sustainable business with confidence.

Crafty Matters and members of the CM Team are not in any form of partnership or contractual relationship that is not otherwise clearly described in writing and signed by all parties involved.

In simple terms, we provide a resource and outlet that allows Artists and Crafters an opportunity to present and market their work in an informal and relaxed commercial environment to potential customers. The customers (the Market) will set the bar by deciding the commercial viability and desirability of the art work displayed by paying the asking price. This will be economic and practical confirmation to the CM Team member that their “creative passion” and artistic expression/representation has a commercial future.

Should however the market respond to work displayed by not purchasing items, then the CM Team member will at this stage be advised by Management to continue developing their creative expression as a hobby rather than a business venture, and be advised to seek income in a different avenue for the immediate future.

Before any creative work is displayed on the “Wall”, “Crafty Matters” management will require a signed agreement between Management and Team Member to define the commission &/or profit share from any sale.

It rests with CM Management and within their discretion to have the final and absolute decision as to who will be part of the “CM Team” and who will participate in this enterprise. Business management, planning, counselling and mentoring is commercially available through Crafty Matters.

The world of business is tough and emotivity is not a part of any business plan. It is the market and the paying customer who decides who stays on the “Wall” and gets a new business off the ground!

The planned progression for a “CM Team” member is:-
• if successful in the market place to move from the “Wall” into their own retail outlet or gallery and build on their “start up”
• to join with other sellers/crafters in festivals, fairs, events and “pop up” shops that CM Management will advise and assist with
• if not successful, to remove their work from the “Wall” and continue their artistic creativity as a hobby until more finely tuned or until public opinion swings in their favour

CM Management will liaise with established Artists / Crafters to encourage them to support this initiative. Established artists/crafters will be encouraged to “buddy” or “mentor” novice talent to develop their new business by sharing advice, expertise, studio, gallery or retail resources.

As this enterprise develops, “Crafty Matters” may be advantaged by registering as a “Community Interest Company”.

The “Wall”

The “Wall” is a real or virtual place / venue that is readily accessible by the general public and where new and aspiring art can be hung and viewed by that public. The aspiration is that greater public awareness will lead to purchase of new and exciting talent, resulting in a potential new start up business for new art entrepreneurs.

Selections of art work to be hung / displayed effectively for selling purposes on the “Wall” will be decided at the sole discretion of the “Crafty Matters” management team.

Other digital expressions of creativity, such as video and audio, will be displayed by special arrangement with the Management of CM.

Funding & Equipment

CM Team members will need to self-fund the presentation of their work as necessary, providing backing, mounts, frames, carriage, insurance, and packaging as necessary. CM Management carries no liability for the loss or damage of works presented for display, although it does undertake to be responsible for the display and return of works where suitably detailed and catalogued, and if mutual liability is agreed.

Commitment/Obligation of CM Novice Members

New CM team members will be obliged to sign a form confirming contact details and transaction agreement with “Crafty Matters”.

Low cost workshops can be arranged for the “CM Team” in commercial, artistic, creative, business and management techniques in certain venues.

IT and marketing skills and other resources will be shared at minimal cost where possible.